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Four tips for choosing a great college essay writer

Before selecting a college essay writer for pay, there are four important aspects you must consider:

  1. Where are they located?
  2. What is their area of expertise?
  3. What is their revision policy?
  4. Are they full-time professional writers?

At we’re here to help you find the best professional college essay writers, no matter your topic or stylistic demands.

Where is your college essay writer located?

Before you trust someone to write your college paper for you, you need to know where they’re located and whether English is their first language. An effective writer must have a strong command of the English language in all areas including vocabulary, reading comprehension, synonyms and homophones, and advanced knowledge of sentence structure. Our entire staff of college essay writers are native English speakers that have experience with academic writing in all its forms.

What is their area of expertise?

Not all essays are created equal. An analysis of Roman literature is going to have different needs than a psychology research paper. At we take this philosophy to heart. That’s why all our expert authors have a public profile where you can browse their works and areas of expertise to find the one that best suits your needs. By ensuring a great fit between author’s abilities and your needs, we ensure you get a paper you’re happy with.

What is the revision policy?

Our college essay writers do a great job with their first drafts, but the reality is most college essays will require some fine-tuning to get perfect. That’s why all our projects include a 10 day editing period once the initial draft is written where you can make changes and suggestions to get the details just right. We’ll even send you notifications throughout the revision process to ensure everything moves along as fast as possible. We work with you from start to finish to keep things as transparent as possible.

Are they full time professional college essay writers?

Our authors are all professional essayists that take pride in their finished work. True authorities in their respective fields, there’s no faculty more qualified to write in a variety of styles on a wide range of academic topics. So if you’re thinking about hiring a college essay writer for pay, take a look through our author’s profiles and get started today!