Not sure how to get started in drafting your dissertation proposal? Drafting a dissertation proposal, although it is a lengthy process, can be achieved with ease by using these ten useful tips.

  • Decide on a topic of research. Really put some thought into what you want to study as you will be married to your topic for years, so it should be something of great interest to you.
  • Develop a problem statement. What is the problem? Why is it a problem? These questions will guide everything you do, so spend some time on this step.
  • Illustrate your problem. If you are having trouble articulating the problem, sketch a picture with no words so and have a friend or family member translate what the picture means to them. If they can’t translate what you have drawn correctly, it’s likely you still aren’t clear on your problem.
  • Purpose statement. What is the purpose of the study? What do you intend to get out of the study?
  • Research questions. The research questions you develop from the problem statement that you developed will guide your research. These questions should ask the questions you hope to find answers to or explain.
  • Hypotheses. From your research questions you will develop several hypotheses. This is how you test what it is you are researching. You will write your hypotheses in alignment with your research questions.
  • Sample or Population. What is the population that you will be studying? What is the sample size and from where? You will need to define how many of what you will be studying.
  • Significance of the Study. Why is it important that this research be done? What gaps in knowledge, theory or practice exist?
  • Background. Develop a comprehensive background of prior literature and research in your field of study and topic area. How did this problem come to exist and what has been examined by others?
  • How? How will you conduct your study? You will need to determine your method based on your research questions. Will you conduct a quantitative or qualitative study? If you ask questions that begin with why, you will have a qualitative study. If you ask questions that begin with does, you will have a quantitative study.

Getting started on this begins with asking a lot of questions. The above suggestions will need to be defined through your questions. Once you have answered these questions you can move into the every so carefully worded crafting of your research proposal. Enjoy adding to the body of knowledge.

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